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Become a Chef Ambassador
Become a Chef Ambassador

Cooking with Heart

Flavorful meals do not have to be expensive. That is why we are calling on all chefs to become a Chef Ambassador of our Cooking with Heart Program.

Moonstar Charitable is providing low-cost, nutritious meals to families and individuals who are struggling with financial stability. These recipients are equally deserving to taste our love for culinary excellence as those who could afford it. Showcase your culture or personality through your recipe and we will produce these meals in scale for recipients in our network.

We ask that our Chef Ambassadors prepare up to 5 recipes:

     – featuring chicken, pork, fish, beef, and vegetarian;

     – balanced meals (3 oz protein, 4 oz vegetable, 4 oz whole grain);

     – leverage high volume production techniques;

     – using common, inexpensive ingredients

As our appreciation, we will recognize and give credit to all of our Chef Ambassadors and their organizations on each meal served as well as on our website and affiliates’ channels.

Please complete our application form and submit it to our team via email: [email protected]

It is our honor to have world-renowned Chef Martin Yan to be our Chef Ambassador for the Cooking with Heart program.  The partnership was formed naturally since Chef Yan is someone who cares deeply about the community.  We trust that those who get to taste his special recipes through our program will truly be be touched.  Check out Chef Martin Yan’s bio below.

Martin Yan

“If Yan Can Cook, So Can You!” has always been the motto of Chef Martin Yan!  With his extraordinaire, popular television host of more than 3,500 culinary and travel TV shows and author of 30 cookbooks, he is one of the most recognizable Chinese Chef in the culinary world, from Shanghai to San Francisco, with a career spanning over four decades. Promoting Chinese and Asian cuisines, making the food easy for the cook has been his life-long mission. 

His award-winning public television series, Yan Can Cook, airing since 1978, has introduced generations of audiences to Chinese and Asian cuisines.   Chef Yan has received numerous awards and recognitions including the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022, and the lifetime achievement award from the International Association of Cooking Professionals. He was also honored with the 2023 Culinary Excellence Award at the Sonoma International Film Festival.

Never the one to rest on his laurels, Chef Yan has remained an active international food and cultural ambassador. He roams the world working with home chefs and top chefs to entertain and educate the public, sharing his unique humor and strong passion for cooking.

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